Customer Spotlight: Josette's trip to Denver, CO

Josette recently traveled to Denver for a week to see family and explore the area. It was her first time there, and when we first started discussing this trip she told me she had booked and cancelled several hotels because she couldn’t find the perfect fit. She was traveling with her husband, and they were looking for a resort-style place (spa + restaurants) with a mountain view, western-feel and that wasn’t in the downtown district. Josette works hard and loves to travel - I really wanted to find a place that would be everything she wanted and give her the vacation she deserved.

The Omni Interlocken in Broomfield was her perfect fit!

The resort includes a gorgeous mountain-view and is far enough out of the city to have that fresh-air, relaxed feel. In addition to the spa and several restaurants, it boasts hiking and biking trails. The site also includes 27-hole golf course and 2 heated outdoor pools.

I knew Josette is a lot of fun, but I didn’t know quite how adventurous she is!

Check out her top 3 favorites things she did in Denver:

1) Ziplining at Royal Gorge

This is THE HIGHEST zip line in North America at 1200' high and 2000' long! She said they recommend partaking in edibles prior to zip lining. You can take or leave that tip. 😄

2) The suspension bridge at the Gorge at Canyon City

If the record-breaking zip line wasn't enough, Josette also went across Colorado's longest (over 1200') suspension bridge. What an adventurous lady!!

3) Hiking at St. Mary's Glacier

Part of Arapaho National Forest, this area stays snowy year-round.

A few other tips from Josette:

- Red Rock Canyon and Garden of the Gods are MUST-SEE

- Roxborough Park is Colorado's hidden treasure

Josette said she enjoyed literally every minute of her trip and already wants to go back.

I am so grateful for the opportunity have had a part in planning her trip! Contact me at or 404-583-7516 for assistance booking your next adventure.

Until next time,

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