Disney Cruise + Walt Disney World = A Magical Combination!

I recently completed training for booking Disney cruises and became more familiar with a vacation combination that I think few are aware of - combining a famed Disney cruise with a stay at Walt Disney World! This is a great option for people who have been wanting to try a Disney cruise but can't imagine driving by WDW without stopping at the park (*raises hand*).

Here are 3 reasons to try a Disney combo vacation:

1) Enjoy the heat with some beach time

One of the very few things that I do not love about Orlando is the way that Florida heat makes me crave the beach, but the beach isn't super close (or at least it tends to not be on my itinerary when I plan a trip to Disney). That makes this vacation combination the perfect solution for people like me who need a little beach time whenever they come to Florida.

The Disney cruise line has that same over-the-top Disney service level plus the food, fun, characters and shows that we all know and love from the park. Combine that with some sun, beach time and incredible locations, and you have a magical vacation that even the blazing sun can't diminish.

2) Rest your feet after walking the parks

Anyone who has gone to Disney knows all that fun and excitement combined with a lot walking can wear you slap out! Wouldn't it be nice to prop your feet up and enjoy a little vacation after your Disney vacation? Cruising is a great opportunity to build in that rest time after - or even between - days at the park.

Disney Cruises also offer incredible children's programs allowing parents to have time to enjoy the pool or a nap while their kids are relishing the Disney fun in a safe, kid-friendly environment.

3) Many options to fit your family's needs

Extending your cruise vacation to include Walt Disney World Resort is easy, and convenient transfers are available to take you from the the resort to the cruise ship in Port Canaveral. A vacation package can be tailored to fit your needs - whether that means park before cruise or vice versa, 2 days in the park or more like 5, etc. With various cruise itineraries and the many Disney resorts to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless!

Call me today at 404-583-7516 to get rates on a vacation package that includes Disney fun on land and sea!

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