Our best vacation splurge

I love a good deal, but I'm all for spending money on things that will create long-term memories (and pizza - I spend way too much on pizza).

Last year I read about a couple that got professional photos done on their international trips and thought is was a great idea! We have all seen (and probably been a part of) the white shirt and khaki family beach pictures, but the idea of utilizing beautiful cities was new to me. What a great way to make some good memories and mix up the family photos!

Our trip last year to Italy and Greece was definitely not the stay-in-a-hostel-and-save-money-everywhere type of trip. Despite that, I was very on the fence about spending a couple hundred dollars to have a photoshoot in while we were in Rome.

We decided to take the plunge and booked a session through gokyma.com (a website that matches tourists with local photographers) with a very talented photographer named Dmitry Agishev for 249 Euros (ouch). When it came time for us to meet up, I was really afraid he might ghost us. Sure enough, he came riding up in true Rome-style on a scooter with his camera in tow.

We took pictures around the Coliseum and the Forum, and he knew ALLLLLL the spots to take pictures while avoiding the crowds. Even if we had a friend and a nice camera with us, there is no way we would have gotten the same pictures. His knowledge of the area made all the difference!

Several days later he sent us all of the pictures, and we were so glad we spent the extra money and time getting professional photos. Rome was the most magical part of our trip, and the pictures really did it justice.

I think this will be something we prioritize in future trips, and our experience with GoKyma was so good that I see us using that service again in the future, as well.

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